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Brian Leonard, Owner of pyxis consulting llc.

I’ve had quite the amazing journey, with the best still ahead of me…

I'm a Chicago boy at heart.  I studied Architecture at U of I, then Graphic Design at the Art Institute, and ultimately Columbia College.  While in school, I swept floors for a local prop fabrication company, then learned to build and paint theatrical sets- this is where my love for the industry began.  Following my passion took me to Tucson to work for an

international firm that designed and built immersive environments for zoos and aquariums, where I welded, painted, sculpted, molded, and traveled all over the world, building crazy things.  I then began to climb the proverbial ladder:  Estimator, Construction Superintendent, Project Manager, and then Project Development.  I eventually landed in Seattle, and after 14 years with a design/build firm, hung out my shingle and started my own business as an Owner's

Rep.  It’s been exhilarating, and I’ve never had more fun, or worked so hard.  It’s worth every moment.

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